Provisional FAQ




1.  What is a surgery-ready provisional?

A non-functioning, temporary, customized crown that can be placed at the time of surgery, compatible with your implant system.


2.  How can Implant Concierge™ fabricate accurate provisionals before surgery?

Implant Concierge will utilize your ideal virtual restorative based treatment plan and CAD/CAM Surgical Guide as our digital blue-print to create a surgery ready provisional that will be delivered to your office with the surgical guide. A fully digital workflow allows for chair-side efficiencies during the surgical appointment and reduces the need for impressions and multiple appointments after implant placement. By combining Implant Concierge online treatment planning assistance, computer-assisted manufactured surgical guides, and traditional dental laboratory procedures, implant placement can be simulated in the dental laboratory.  Provisionals will be “cored-out” allowing a quick chair-side pick-up to accommodate slight variables in depth and direction of the implant placement.  Implant Concierge can deliver custom, computer-assisted manufactured surgical guides, abutments, and provisionals that are ready for surgery!


3.  Why use an Implant Concierge Surgery-Ready Provisional?

–  Soft tissue support: Provide the necessary soft tissue support immediately to improve your esthetic results while providing a tooth worth smiling over.

– Doctor: Eliminate the time of creating a provisional chair-side or second appointment to begin the important but tedious process of creating a custom tissue former.

– Patient: Avoid soft tissue growth which leads to lancing site later.


4.  What type of surgery-ready provisionals does Implant Concierge offer?

– Custom Tissue Former: $128

– Custom Abutment with Cement-Retained Crown: $190

– Full Contoured Screw-Retained Crown: $145


5.  What is an Implant Concierge Immediate Provisional made of?

Implant Concierge mills your patient specific PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic) abutment (titanium base – strong, less corrosive), crown and tissue-former out of PMMA that is bonded to a non-engaging implant specific Ti-Base.


6.  Do we mill the provisionals ourselves?

No, we use a local lab to mill our designs.


7.  What brand of components do we use?

We use Glidewell components for the ti-bases.


8.  Compatibility:

We are compatible with all implant systems except the following:

– Sweeden and Martina, Thommen

– BioHorizon 3.0 (brand name components will cost additional and will have a delay in production)

– Anklos fee


9.  Non-Splinted Surgery Ready Provisional Requirements

– Maxillary and Mandibular Stone Models/Digital Impressions

– Bite registration

– VITA Tooth Shade



 10.  Custom Tissue Former   CTF

Why use it?

– Ideal use is to provide immediate tissue support.

– It will protrude out of the tissue 1-3 mm and will be out of occlusion.

– Easily modified by clinician.

What is it?

– One piece PMMA material bonded to a Ti-Base.

– Screw-retained to implant.

– Standard vs customized healing abutment (see picture below).

When will it be used?

– Single sites only; not splinted.

– Posterior cases.

– Anterior cases in conjunction with a flipper.

Cost: $128 per Custom Tissue Former



11.  Custom Abutment with Cement-Retained Crown   CSRC

Why use it?

– Provide immediate tissue support.

– Highly esthetic appearance.

– Creates an implant crown margin which allows the doctor to extend the base of the provisional out from the soft tissue/implant and prevents micro particles of concrete from being deep in the tissue.

– Easier to clean.

What is it?

– Two piece, custom abutment PMMA material bonded to a Ti-Base.

– Custom abutment is screw-retained to the implant. PMMA crown is temporarily cemented to the custom abutment.

When will it be used?

– Single Posterior/Anterior units.

– Bridges/Multi-Unit splinted restorations

Cost:  $190 per Custom Abutment with Cement-Retained Crown



12.  Full Contour Screw Retained Crown   FCSR

Why use it?

– Provide immediate tissue support.

– Highly esthetic appearance.

– Minimize any “cement margins”.

What is it?

– One piece, custom abutment PMMA “tooth” bonded to a Ti-Base.

– Crown is screw-retained directly to the implant.

When will it be used?

– Posterior single unit cases.

– Anterior single unit cases.

Cost: $145 per Full Contour Screw-Retained Crown



13. Additional Information

– Abutments for Provisionals are Temporary.

– If a tooth is missing, a Virtual Wax Up fee will be added to the Provisional cost. (IE: Tooth #8 is missing, cost: $25 for the cost of the Virtual Wax Up + $145 for the cost of the Full Contour Screw Retained Crown = $170 Total)

– Must be fully guided.