Auto-Approval FAQ

What is Auto Approval
Auto Approval is for simple, single implant site cases, only. This workflow allows Implant Concierge to provide an Initial Treatment plan as well as a short, 1-2 minute video for the doctor to review and accept immediately if they choose. Upon reviewing the provided video, the doctor may choose to:
(1) approve our treatment plan with no changes and send the case directly into guide design and fabrication, or
(2) they may choose to make small edits via a note to us in the Auto Approval Platform, or
(3) if they need more discussion time with our team, revert the case back to normal workflow and schedule a VIP meeting
Auto Approval cases must fall into a very specific set of guidelines as outlined below.


What Does Auto Approval Mean
Auto Approval workflow means reduced time away from their patients as well as office and personal schedules, and faster case start to fabrication time frame. With the ability to log into Implant Concierge and review their 2-minute video, they can quickly approve cases between patients instead of reserving 30 or more minutes to review their simple, and likely very well planned case!


(1) Implant Brands: All implant brands
(2) Instrumentation: Guided Surgical Kit or Pilot Only
(3) Models: Must have acceptable models which are ready for registration
(4) Single implant case only