Implant Concierge™ Alternative Dual Scan Protocol

Only used for the Sirona Galileos CBCT Unit

sirona machine

Galileos CT Scanner by Sirona


There are many different scan protocols being used throughout the industry today, which adds a level of confusion and complexity to guided surgery cases. In an effort to simplify and minimize confusion and mistakes, Implant Concierge™ will automatically generate a patient specific “scan protocol” that will provide instructions to ensure the most efficient digital workflow is followed.

For a fully edentulous case and if using a Sirona CBCT unit, the most predictable results occur by following an alternative process to our standard, Dual Scan Protocol.  Due to internal DICOM settings within the Sirona Galileos CBCT unit, this “Alternate Dual Scan Protocol” is recommended.  Once again, the “Alternate Dual Scan Protocol” only needs to be followed if you are using the Sirona CBCT unit for fully edentulous cases.


Step 1: Duplicate the patient’s well‐fitting denture with clear acrylic

a. NO radiopaque additives such as barium sulfate or Biocryl-X                 


Implant Concierge™ sells Suremark Markers in a box of 110 for $40

Step 2:  Attach six to eight 1.0mm X‐ray stickers (1.0mm Suremark stickers )

a. Place 3-4 X-ray stickers on buccal and 3-4 on the lingual at varying axial planes

Step 3: Take a CBCT scan of patient wearing denture WITH X-ray markers

a. Do NOT remove or change X-ray markers from original positions

Step 4: Compress and upload CBCT DICOM file to Implant Concierge™

Step 5: Ship the duplicated denture with X-ray markers to Implant Concierge™

a. Ensure denture is bilaterally stabilized during CBCT scan


pic 2

Clear acrylic denture with Suremark markers


Once Implant Concierge™ receives the duplicated denture with X-ray markers, Implant Concierge™ will scan the denture and merge the file with the Sirona DICOM file previously uploaded. Using this protocol, Implant Concierge™ will create and present the ideal restorative based treatment plan to you via a short web-based virtual surgery allowing you to make final changes. After your approval, Implant Concierge™ will design, print and ship the CAD/CAM surgical guide to you within a few business days. Choose from soft-tissue or bone-borne guides. If you are interested in the standard Dual Scan Protocol, click here. To learn more about this and other protocols, call us at 866-977-2228 or to start your surgical guide case, visit




BioHorizons Announces Implant Concierge™ as an Approved Surgical Guide Manufacturer!

Implant Concierge™ CAD/CAM Surgical guides are now BioHorizons compatible!   On Aug. 25, 2014, Stuart Nicholson, Implant Product Manager, announced that Implant Concierge™ has made their approved list as a BioHorizons compatible surgical guide manufacturer.  (

Implant Concierge BioHorizons Compatible Surgical Guide

Implant Concierge BioHorizons Compatible Surgical Guide


Implant Concierge™ continues to expand their compatibility options to provide the most accurate and affordable surgical stents in the market place.  Only Implant Concierge™ offers a flat price for surgical guides at $225.  No matter how many implant sites, it is always only $225!




BioHorizons Guided Implants

BioHorizons guided surgical kit can be used to place all diameters from 3.0mm to 5.7mm of the highly successful Tapered Internal, Tapered Plus, and Tapered 3.0 implants.  The kit offers three different master sleeve sizes as well as four different lengths of drills to accommodate almost any clinical need.

What I personally like about the BioHorizons guided surgical kit is the layout, the Quick Connect Handle, and the implant mount.  The features of the guided mount that set it apart from other guided implant mounts are:

  • Hex orientation “dimple”  which allows clinician to orientate the internal hex perpendicular to the buccal aspect
  • Four diBioHorizons Guided Implant Mountfferent “Stop Position” (SP1, SP2, SP3 & SP4) which allows a single mount to accommodate multiple depth positions, thus minimizing parts, costs and confusion
  • Mount-free transfer

The cost of the BioHorizons guided surgical kit is around $4,000 putting it into a very competitive price point as compared to Straumann, Nobel Biocare, DENTSPLY and others.

BioHorizons Guided Surgical Kit

BioHorizons Guided Surgical Kit


Below is an example of the “work-flow” for a partially edentulous case when ordering a BioHorizons compatible dental implant guide through the Implant Concierge™ web site:

  1. Register or log in at and “Start Case” and then select “BioHorizons Guided Kit”
  2. Complete teeth charts, “Current Dentate Status” and “Ideal Restorative Plan”
  3. Select patient specific services that will be coordinated by the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™
  4. Follow the patient specific work flow created by the Implant Concierge™ (partially edentulous)

a.  Upload an .stl file of the arch (digital impression) or ship a PVS or accurate model

b.  Upload the CBCT (DICOM) images

c.  Finalize the treatment plan online with a 3D Case Coordinator

d.  Provide a precise, proficient and minimally invasive implant procedure

The Implant Concierge™ is a free, web-based proprietary software that enables any dentist who places implants to utilize the known advantages of guided surgery immediately without purchasing expensive software, going through time consuming weekend training courses or spending hours after or during work trying to coordinate and plan their next guided implant case.

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

The Implant Concierge™ automatically communicates through our HIPAA compliant portal with all of your implant team by synchronizing all steps seamlessly and efficiently for you.  We work hard to synchronize your case so you can keep your hands in the mouth and not on a mouse!

Implant Concierge™ is also compatible with the following implant manufacturer guided kits:

  • Straumann Guided Kit
  • Nobel Clinician Procera Active, Straight and Tapered Guided Kit
  • Zimmer Guided Kit
  • Implant Direct Guided Kit
  • Camlog Guide Surgery
  • Coming Soon:  Biomet 3i Navigator and DENTSPLY EV Guided Kit

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.

Surgical Guides – Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator Makes it Easy

Due to improved work-flows and software advancements that allow virtual diagnostic wax-ups to be created from an .stl intra-oral digital impression, CAD/CAM dental implant surgical guides are beginning to make their impact upon the dental implant community.  Implant Concierge™, a dynamic free proprietary web-based software allows dentists to order CBCT services such as Board Certified radiology interpretations, radiographic prosthesis (scanning appliance),  surgical guides and provisional restorations has recently introduced the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ to further simplify the process and allow a dentist to maximize their chair-time while reducing their managerial headaches.

The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ (VTPC) is your personal assistant for guided surgery as it consolidates a complex and time-consuming process into a single-site.  The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ is unique because it synchronizes your entire dental implant team:  dental colleagues, dental laboratory, radiology center, computer-aided design (CAD) on-line treatment planning, surgical guide ordering,  computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) of surgical stents and radiology interpretations all in ONE location and ONE invoice.

How does it work?  Based upon your patient’s dentate status, your ideal treatment plan and your treatment planning software of choice, the Implant Concierge™ patented program and work-flow provides the exact work flow and ordering options.  Once specific services are selected, it provides:

  • Efficient work-flow
  • Up-front pricing
  • Real-time case updates
  • 24/7 HIPAA compliant access to all case files
  • Communication portal between all case partners
  • $225 Flat-Priced surgical guides
  • Single Invoice

Because the Implant Concierge is a FREE web-based software, there are no downloads necessary, no software purchases, no annual fees, no maintenance fees and no expensive and time-consuming weekend courses.   Simply order the services that you need and allow your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ to synchronize your case and entire dental implant team!

My experience with Implant Concierge was incredible.  From evaluation, deDentist, Implantologistsign and fabrication, the process is easy and quick.  The guides fit without any alteration, no worries about angulation or proximity to adjacent structures, making this one of the easiest placements ever.  –  Joseph Perry, D.D.S.,  San Antonio Denture Solutions 

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

Bret E. Royal, CEO and co-founder of Implant Concierge™ states, “The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ was designed to simplify and consolidate a complicated and fragmented dental process:  contracts favorable pricing with vetted and trained providers, discloses and guarantees costs up-front, uses industry-best 3D Case Coordinator, contracts with leading regional labs, and manufactures CAD/CAM surgical guides at a competitive price.  It enables any implantologist or surgeon to seamlessly implement the known benefits of guided implant surgery into their practice quickly and affordably.  There is nothing like it.” 

To learn more about the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™, Implant Concierge™ and the $225 flat-priced surgical guide, please visit or call (866) 977-2228 to schedule an on-line demo.