Implant Concierge™ Alternative Dual Scan Protocol

Only used for the Sirona Galileos CBCT Unit

sirona machine

Galileos CT Scanner by Sirona


There are many different scan protocols being used throughout the industry today, which adds a level of confusion and complexity to guided surgery cases. In an effort to simplify and minimize confusion and mistakes, Implant Concierge™ will automatically generate a patient specific “scan protocol” that will provide instructions to ensure the most efficient digital workflow is followed.

For a fully edentulous case and if using a Sirona CBCT unit, the most predictable results occur by following an alternative process to our standard, Dual Scan Protocol.  Due to internal DICOM settings within the Sirona Galileos CBCT unit, this “Alternate Dual Scan Protocol” is recommended.  Once again, the “Alternate Dual Scan Protocol” only needs to be followed if you are using the Sirona CBCT unit for fully edentulous cases.


Step 1: Duplicate the patient’s well‐fitting denture with clear acrylic

a. NO radiopaque additives such as barium sulfate or Biocryl-X                 


Implant Concierge™ sells Suremark Markers in a box of 110 for $40

Step 2:  Attach six to eight 1.0mm X‐ray stickers (1.0mm Suremark stickers )

a. Place 3-4 X-ray stickers on buccal and 3-4 on the lingual at varying axial planes

Step 3: Take a CBCT scan of patient wearing denture WITH X-ray markers

a. Do NOT remove or change X-ray markers from original positions

Step 4: Compress and upload CBCT DICOM file to Implant Concierge™

Step 5: Ship the duplicated denture with X-ray markers to Implant Concierge™

a. Ensure denture is bilaterally stabilized during CBCT scan


pic 2

Clear acrylic denture with Suremark markers


Once Implant Concierge™ receives the duplicated denture with X-ray markers, Implant Concierge™ will scan the denture and merge the file with the Sirona DICOM file previously uploaded. Using this protocol, Implant Concierge™ will create and present the ideal restorative based treatment plan to you via a short web-based virtual surgery allowing you to make final changes. After your approval, Implant Concierge™ will design, print and ship the CAD/CAM surgical guide to you within a few business days. Choose from soft-tissue or bone-borne guides. If you are interested in the standard Dual Scan Protocol, click here. To learn more about this and other protocols, call us at 866-977-2228 or to start your surgical guide case, visit




Surgery Ready Provisionals Are Now Available!



Surgery Ready Provisionals are Now Available!  


Implant Concierge Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ provides the digital blue-print to create an accurate CAD/CAM Surgical Guide and Surgery-Ready custom provisional restoration all in one box!  Improve your esthetic results with immediate soft tissue support. Save valuable surgical chair-time by eliminating the tedious process of creating a provisional chair-side or scheduling a second appointment.  Implant Concierge is your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™, creating your surgery ready smile. From one source, with one invoice and no software expertise required. Now that’s worth smiling over!  All Implant Concierge surgery-ready provisionals are milled from shade selected PMMA and bonded to a Ti-Base.


Please visit our website to start your case now! or call 866-977-2228.

Dental Designs and Implant Concierge Partner to Simplify Guided Surgery

On November 6, 2014, Ben Sweeney with Dental Designs Dental Laboratory in Omaha, NE, hosted sixteen local dentists, dental assistants, professors and residents from Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center for an AGD PACE course.  Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge, presented on Guided Surgery:  Core Principles & Technologies.  The two hour continuing educational course focused heavily on the technology and updated work flows.

Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge at Dental Designs

Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge at Dental Designs

“I created this course in an effort to help dentists incorporate guided surgery into their practice immediately, review the latest work flows that minimize costs for their patients while improving overall care.  The technical presentation discussed new techniques and services to simplify CAD/CAM surgical guides while incorporating the latest technology such as intra oral scanners” stated Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge.

Implant Concierge enables dentists to simplify complex surgical cases with no software costs or significant time involvement on the computer!

Implant Concierge enables dentists to simplify complex surgical cases with no software costs or significant time involvement on the computer!

The five core principles that we focused on were:

  • Provide simplified processes and flowcharts
  • Minimize steps, materials and costs
  • Integrate IOS/.stl files, RPD’s and existing dentures
  • Review software and instrumentation options
  • When to use guided surgery and how much to charge?


Ben Sweeney, Co-Owner, Dental Designs

Ben Sweeney, Co-Owner, Dental Designs

With the help of Bret Royal and Implant Concierge Dental Designs can now offer our clients a well priced, easy, and effective way to plan and utilize CAD/CAM surgical stents for implant placement.  Implant Concierge creates a team approach that focuses on the most esthetic outcome for you and your patient. I highly recommend Implant Concierge as a key piece of your implant team!  

Implant Concierge™ would like to thank Ben Sweeney with Dental Designs for hosting a wonderful  course.   To learn more about Dental Designs and their excellent lab in Omaha, NE, and Lincoln, NE, please visit their website at

For more information or to schedule a demo to learn how Implant Concierge™ Virtual

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

Treatment Plan Coordinator™ can make guided surgery affordable and easy for your office, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.