CBCT in Your Practice

Dr. Barry Kaplan discusses a personal experience of introducing CBCT technology to his prosthodontic practice. He shares that having CBCT in the office has allowed him to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the anatomy and related structures of each patient and improve the treatment outcomes for this patients.

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Prosthodontist on Implant Complications

Implant placement is gaining acceptance as a treatment for missing teeth. This article provides a prosthodontist’s prospective on implant complications and states that “utilizing modern laboratory technology to create CAD/CAM restorations and employing such clinical technology as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)-based virtual implant planning, stereolithographic-produced or milled surgical guides, and prefabricated provisional restorations can significantly reduce chair time and result in more cost-effective treatment with improved outcomes.” The article also encourages prosthodontists not familiar with these technologies to take steps to learn and integrate them into their clinical practice.

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