Customer Service Is Marketing

Providing exceptional customer service is just as important as providing exceptional products and services. Company’s employees are the most important marketing tools. These employees are on the front lines, adapting company’s marketing strategies to the needs of each customer they work with. Their attitude, appearance, and approach all communicate something about the company they represent.

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Effective Treatment Presentations

Using great case presentation techniques to clarify treatment goals and elements is critical to patients and practitioners. But first, it is important to address some misunderstandings dentists often have about presenting their best treatment recommendations. These insights and techniques can dramatically increase a clinician’s ability to more consistently convince patients to accept the treatment they need.


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Growth Through Effective Communication

Marketing dollars spent to attract new patients through external marketing efforts can end up going to waste if effective marketing processes and strong verbal communication skills are not in place in your dental practice. Creating a positive customer service experience for new and existing patients within the practice is crucial in developing relationships to retain patients and maximize production over the long term.

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Anxiety and Patient Education

Benefits of patient education are endless – from increasing case acceptance to enhancing your professional image. Your patients will be informed and relaxed which will ultimately lead to higher case acceptance rates. This education starts from the moment a patient enters the waiting room and ends at home when he or she is talking through a proposed treatment plan with family members.

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Cut Your Dental Supplies Overhead

Dentistry has one of the highest overheads of any profession. This article offers six ways to combat this problem and keep supply costs down:
  1. Set a budget
  2. Ask about free goods from manufacturers
  3. Only order what you need for the month
  4. Take a good look at what you are ordering
  5. Eliminate finance charges
  6. Don’t make “the big mistake”

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Tips for Growing Your Dental Practice

Here is another great collection of tips on practice management. This article focuses on common areas in the management of your dental practice that may be causing you stress and offers tips that will mitigate that stress. The article covers a variety of subjects including growing dental practice, improving effectiveness of practice management and managing stress.

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Search Rankings of Your Website

We all know that having an attractive and functional website is important for success of your practice. Your website’s search rankings with major search engines are equally important. Showing up on search engines is one of the most critical ways to increase website traffic and expose your products or services to potential patients

Here are 10 common mistakes that could be causing your dental website to lose its targeted traffic:

  1. Poor site design
  2. Ill-conceived homepage
  3. Cumbersome navigability
  4. Excessive use of images, videos, or graphics
  5. Mobile device incompatibility
  6. Poor text readability
  7. Absence of site map and site search
  8. Unreliable third party content
  9. External links opening in the same window
  10. Broken links and poor HTTP 404 message

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Put Your Patients at Ease

It is not uncommon for people to be wracked with anxiety prior to a dentist appointment. Dentists often do not realize how anxious some of their patients can get. Take out a minute or two from your busy schedule to put your patients at ease and make your relationships with them a lasting one.

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Is Your Gut Misleading You?

What is the biggest marketing mistake you can make? It is thinking that everyone thinks and acts like you do. Don’t be a victim of the ETLID fallacy. Don’t rely on just your gut feeling when making marketing and advertising decisions. Valuable data is easier to access than ever. Use it to balance your opinion.

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New Patients and Referrals

The greatest challenge faced by most practices is generating new patient flow. A healthy practice should be seeing an average 25 new patients per month per doctor. Keeping in mind that 75-80% of new patients come from patient referrals, the following internal marketing tips give you a place to start:

  • Set new patient goals
  • Make sure your practice runs on time
  • Have a morning huddle
  • Answer the telephone before the 3rd ring
  • Utilize your on-hold message
  • Use your reception room as your marketing area
  • Actively participate in generating referrals

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