CE Course November 16, 2016 Hosted by The Perio Health Implant Study Group

The Perio Health Implant Study Group is hosting a Continuing Education Course in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 6:00 pm.  Implant Concierge™ CEO Bret Royal will be lecturing about The Digital Workflow of Guided Surgery and how to incorporate it with Implant Concierge™.  This event will be sponsored by Perio Health Professionals, Sweden & Martina and our sister company, iMagDent.  We look forward to this event and seeing everyone there!



 If you have any questions about Implant Concierge™ or if you want to start your first surgical guided case, please visit our website www.implantconcierge.com or call 866-977-2228 to speak with one of our 3D Customer Service Specialists.

Benefits of CBCT

The practice of dentistry requires clinicians to have their eyes wide open to accurately assess vital structures and provide their patients with optimal outcomes. CBCT can help dentists do just that. This article discusses how CBCT makes doctor’s life easier and increases case acceptance among perio patients, who may have difficulty seeing the seriousness of their condition without CBCT images.

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CBCT Confirms Chronic Periodontitis

This clinical case study details how CBCT scan enabled the patient to keep her teeth and helped doctors know what to expect under the gums before they picked up a scalpel. Quick CBCT scan eliminated the need for a painful exploratory procedure or other more extensive differential diagnostic methods.

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