Cost of using Implant Concierge

$225 for a surgical guide that provides precise implant placement and accuracy?

Yes please! Why such an affordable price for a surgical guide, you may ask? Why not?! We exist to help you! We help eliminate surprises due to full anatomy disclosure, we make your surgery efficient and predictable, and we can help increase your case acceptance! Implant Concierge is a free web-based proprietary software program that consolidates and coordinates CBCT solutions and guided implant surgical services.

With Implant Concierge you get:

  • Easy ordering and up-front pricing to allow you (the DDS), to know the diagnostic costs immediately
  • Flat price of $225. No hidden costs or extras.  Pilot vs. Fully guided, one implant vs. 6 implants, tooth borne or soft-tissue borne.  With or without anchor pins.  Yes, only $225!
  • A Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ who “forces success” by communicating the specific roles of each “case partner” in the right order
    • Keeps case on task and on budget
    • Implant Concierge automatically identifies delays and will proactively solve the delay
  • Implant Concierge™ Case Coordinators who assist the dentists with the basic rules of treatment planning
    • Based upon the case type (fully edentulous or partially edentulous) all of the diagnostic work flows are pre-programmed within the Implant Concierge eliminating the “guessing game” of guided surgery
  • Friendly, US based local service
  • You may Invite a “DDS Case Partner / Surgeon”:  If a novice implantologist realizes during the Virtual Surgery that a case exceeds their surgical comfort zone, they can simply invite their favorite surgeon to join the case or invite a DDSMentor while still remaining as the “QB” of the case

Implant Concierge charges a $150 3D Conversion and Virtual Implant Plan fee that includes:

  • Dicom conversion, clean-up and masking
  • Digitizing your models and registering to Dicom
  • Providing initial treatment plan for review
  • Online Final VIP (Virtual Implant Plan) session to perfect the treatment plan

We also specialize in providing Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial radiology interpretations that are provided by two sources:

  • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio – $65 these usually run between 3 – 5 days
  • TX A&M Baylor Dental School – for $13 more you can have a 1-2 day turnaround time making it a $78 interpretation!


Leading Software Company Implant Concierge
Cost of Software $4K – $8K $0.00
Time to learn and master software HOURS! 0 hrs.
Time to digitize, merge, mask, plan and design 1.5 – 2hrs 15 min.


Why spend thousands on purchasing a software that you will most likely use fewer than 5 times per month?  Why spend hours of frustration sitting at a computer after hours trying to finalize your treatment plans?  Are you charging $1500 – $2,000 per guided surgical guide to compensate for your overhead costs of software and your lost chair-time?  Utilize Implant Concierge today for only $150 per case and only 15 minutes.  We are your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator!

Implant Concierge created the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator to help you implement guided surgery into your practice immediately with no extra training or software.  Reap the many clinical and practice building benefits of guided surgery today!

Call us at 866/977-2228 to schedule a 15 minute webinar today or simply go to and sign-up and Start a Case today!

Growth Through Effective Communication

Marketing dollars spent to attract new patients through external marketing efforts can end up going to waste if effective marketing processes and strong verbal communication skills are not in place in your dental practice. Creating a positive customer service experience for new and existing patients within the practice is crucial in developing relationships to retain patients and maximize production over the long term.

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Drive Practice Growth Through Social Media

The social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn present an extraordinary marketing opportunity for dentists who are looking to promote their practices. Potential patients are increasingly embracing social networks as an integral part of their everyday lives. These three strategies will help you build a loyal patient community and expand your network of prospective patients:

  1. Focus your efforts on the most valuable social media sites
  2. Expand your social media community
  3. Provide a consistent brand experience

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Search Rankings of Your Website

We all know that having an attractive and functional website is important for success of your practice. Your website’s search rankings with major search engines are equally important. Showing up on search engines is one of the most critical ways to increase website traffic and expose your products or services to potential patients

Here are 10 common mistakes that could be causing your dental website to lose its targeted traffic:

  1. Poor site design
  2. Ill-conceived homepage
  3. Cumbersome navigability
  4. Excessive use of images, videos, or graphics
  5. Mobile device incompatibility
  6. Poor text readability
  7. Absence of site map and site search
  8. Unreliable third party content
  9. External links opening in the same window
  10. Broken links and poor HTTP 404 message

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Is Your Gut Misleading You?

What is the biggest marketing mistake you can make? It is thinking that everyone thinks and acts like you do. Don’t be a victim of the ETLID fallacy. Don’t rely on just your gut feeling when making marketing and advertising decisions. Valuable data is easier to access than ever. Use it to balance your opinion.

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New Patients and Referrals

The greatest challenge faced by most practices is generating new patient flow. A healthy practice should be seeing an average 25 new patients per month per doctor. Keeping in mind that 75-80% of new patients come from patient referrals, the following internal marketing tips give you a place to start:

  • Set new patient goals
  • Make sure your practice runs on time
  • Have a morning huddle
  • Answer the telephone before the 3rd ring
  • Utilize your on-hold message
  • Use your reception room as your marketing area
  • Actively participate in generating referrals

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Blog Posts and SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) often seems like a daunting task, but when done correctly it can greatly help your site’s visibility and bring new customers through your doors. While you might not have the time or money to implement a full SEO strategy, here are several simple improvements you can do to get the most out of your blog posts.

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Statistics To Impact Your Implant Marketing

The Internet has long been the #1 source for health and wellness information. However, many dental specialists are still not taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities it has to offer. You can no longer afford to treat online and social media separately from your marketing strategy. In order to grow your practice, you must connect with prospective patients wherever they spend time. This means seamlessly integrating blogging, SEO and social networking tools into your marketing strategy.

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Use Online Reviews to Drive New Appointments

Consumers increasingly check out review sites such as Google Local and Angie’s List before doing business with any company – including your dental practice. Reviews about your business are nothing new. They used to happen in casual conversation among friends, rather than online. However, with online reviews you have the opportunity to join in the conversation and build trust online, gathering positive patient reviews.

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The Best Selling is Serving

How good are you at selling your services? This article provides strategies to increase case acceptance and boost production, while enhancing patient care. Learn the true meaning of selling, and how to manage this concept in an elegant, non-intimidating manner that creates value for your patients, and makes you feel great about what you have to offer.

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This article also offers an opportunity to earn 1 CE credit.