Dental Designs and Implant Concierge Partner to Simplify Guided Surgery

On November 6, 2014, Ben Sweeney with Dental Designs Dental Laboratory in Omaha, NE, hosted sixteen local dentists, dental assistants, professors and residents from Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center for an AGD PACE course.  Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge, presented on Guided Surgery:  Core Principles & Technologies.  The two hour continuing educational course focused heavily on the technology and updated work flows.

Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge at Dental Designs

Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge at Dental Designs

“I created this course in an effort to help dentists incorporate guided surgery into their practice immediately, review the latest work flows that minimize costs for their patients while improving overall care.  The technical presentation discussed new techniques and services to simplify CAD/CAM surgical guides while incorporating the latest technology such as intra oral scanners” stated Bret Royal, CEO of Implant Concierge.

Implant Concierge enables dentists to simplify complex surgical cases with no software costs or significant time involvement on the computer!

Implant Concierge enables dentists to simplify complex surgical cases with no software costs or significant time involvement on the computer!

The five core principles that we focused on were:

  • Provide simplified processes and flowcharts
  • Minimize steps, materials and costs
  • Integrate IOS/.stl files, RPD’s and existing dentures
  • Review software and instrumentation options
  • When to use guided surgery and how much to charge?


Ben Sweeney, Co-Owner, Dental Designs

Ben Sweeney, Co-Owner, Dental Designs

With the help of Bret Royal and Implant Concierge Dental Designs can now offer our clients a well priced, easy, and effective way to plan and utilize CAD/CAM surgical stents for implant placement.  Implant Concierge creates a team approach that focuses on the most esthetic outcome for you and your patient. I highly recommend Implant Concierge as a key piece of your implant team!  

Implant Concierge™ would like to thank Ben Sweeney with Dental Designs for hosting a wonderful  course.   To learn more about Dental Designs and their excellent lab in Omaha, NE, and Lincoln, NE, please visit their website at

For more information or to schedule a demo to learn how Implant Concierge™ Virtual

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

Treatment Plan Coordinator™ can make guided surgery affordable and easy for your office, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.




Implant Concierge Biohorizons Compatible Guided Surgery – Easy Workflow, Great Service & Price!

logo poulos


Nicholas Poulos, DDS, Poulos Somers Periodontics & Implantology, Denver, CO

The Implant Concierge™ CAD/CAM surgical guide was great!  Guide fit was spot on, the workflow and protocol was simple and surgery was great. I was very pleased with the entire process, service and price of Implant Concierge™.    –  Nicholas Poulos, D.D.S.

Patient Profile 72 year old female with no significant medical history.

Synopsis Patient was referred for implant consultation to replace tooth numbers 7, 9, and 14.  In anticipation that a CBCT scan would be taken at Poulos Somers Periodontics and Implantolgy, the restorative dentist created a patient-specific radiographic prosthesis that was worn during the CBCT scan.  The restorative position of the missing teeth was communicated by drilling through the barium sulfate radio opaque teeth, creating the ideal restorative axis and position.

pic 1

#14 Sagital View

After the CBCT scan was acquired with the patient wearing a radio opaque barium sulfate radiographic prosthesis (scanning appliance),  the diagnostic model was digitized and converted to a .stl file by Implant Concierge™ using a 3Shape D700 optical scanner.  The digital model was registered to the CBCT DICOM creating a multi-layered file (DICOM + .stl) allowing for accurate soft tissue and hard tissue representation.  BioHorizons implants were precisely positioned in #7, #9 and #14 during an online virtual surgery hosted by an Implant Concierge 3D Case Coordinator and Dr. Poulos.



pic 2

3D rendered image

#14 Sagital View of radio opague tooth with opposing dentition. Channel has been drilled to illustrate ideal restorative position to aid in virtual surgery.

To the right is an image of the digitized diagnostic model that was shipped to Implant Concierge using a 3Shape D700 optical scanner.   The .stl file that was created was then registered to the CBCT DICOM, thus aiding in the placement of the ideal restorative position using the hard tissue and soft tissue.  This digital .stl file will be the basis for the optimal fit of the CAD/CAM surgical guide.

pic 5

Sagital view #7


   After all of the files were digitized and registered by a 3D Case Coordinator at Implant Concierge, then the initial treatment planning began.  Here is a sagital image of a Biohorizons Ø3.8 x 12 mm implant positioned safely in envelope of bone and in the planned ideal restorative path of radio opaque tooth.

Below are a series of other images from the key muli-planar views that only a CBCT can generate.  All views, axial, coronal and sagital are utilized during the initial case presentation to ensure the ideal position of the implants.

pic 4

Coronal view #7

Coronal view #7:  1.5mm distal of #6 root edge.



pic 3

Sagital #9


Sagital view #9:  BioHorizons Ø3.8 x 12mm implant positioned safely in bone envelope and in ideal restorative path of radio opaque tooth.


pic 6

Coronal view #9


Coronal view #9: 1.5mm mesial of #10 root edge.


pic 1

Sagital #14


Sagital #14: Biohorizons Ø5.0 x 7.5mm implant placed supra crestal to strategically avoid sinus floor.



Protocol sheet

Implant Concierge Surgical Protocol

After the Final VIP meeting took place with a 3D Case Coordinator and Dr. Poulos signed the Authorization Form, a Surgical Protocol sheet was provided.  This Sugical Protocol Sheet, utilizing the BioHorizons fully guided surgical kit, provides all of the necessary surgical instructions as well as implant driver stop positions to ensure a precise and proficient surgery.

pic 9

Implant Concierge CAD/CAM Surgical Guide

Implant Concierge BioHorizons Compatible CAD/CAM guide printed with a Stratasys Objet 3D printer at Implant Concierge™ headquarters in San Antonio, TX




Poulos pt

Implant Success!

At completion of surgery, Dr. Poulos takes the final post OP x-ray of another successful and efficient guided implant placement of #7 and #9 implants.


Implant Concierge™ would like to thank Dr. Nick Poulos with Poulos Sommers Periodontics and Implantology in Denver, CO, for allowing us to submit this case.  In addition, we would like to thank Matt Goff with BioHorizons for his support in the Denver metro market.

Implant Concierge™ is also compatible with the following implant manufacturer guided kits:

  • Straumann Guided Kit
  • Nobel Clinician Procera Active, Straight and Tapered Guided Kit
  • Zimmer Guided Kit
  • Implant Direct Guided Kit
  • Camlog Guided Surgery
  • Biomet 3i Navigator
  • Coming Soon:  DENTSPLY EV Guided Kit

For more information or to schedule a demo to learn how Implant Concierge™ Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ can make guided surgery affordable and easy for your office, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.


CADCAM Pilot Only Surgical Guide – Missing Lateral

The Implant Concierge provides different types of surgical guides.  For different reasons, a Pilot only guide is requested by dentists.  Some of those reasons could be due to inter-dental space concerns, instrumentation concerns or due to dentists preferences.  The case below, submitted by periodontist Takanari Miyamoto in Omaha, NE, is a great example of a tight inter-dental space.  This case also illustrates the requirements and ease of use of using Implant Concierge Virtual Treatment Plan coordinator to order, track and plan the ideal case when time is short and patient demands are high!  Please enjoy this case and thank you Dr. Miyamoto for allowing us to use your case to showcase the Implant Concierge.  

Pilot Guide for tight Inter-dental space

Dr. Miyamoto

Takanari Miyamoto,


Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontics 

La Vista, NE 68128



Patient referred for implant consultation to replace missing lateral incisor

Patient Profile

68 year old male with no significant health history with congenital missing tooth number 7.

Doctor quote

“I truly enjoyed the service of Implant Concierge! It took only 5 days from the day I ordered the Implant Concierge guide to the time I received in my office. Guide fits very well and the cost was only $225. It was a wonderful experience. – Takanari Miyamoto, DDS PhD CAGS MSD PC

lo 007[1] Pre OP Photo. Congenitally missing tooth 7





Sagital view of DENTSPLY 3.5 x 11mm


Implant #7 (DENTSPLY AstraTech 3.5 x 11mm) virtually placed by Implant Concierge 3D Case Coordinator and then placement was finalize during brief online meeting with Dr. Miyamoto.  The image is very powerful due to the ability to overlay the patient’s soft tissue onto the CBCT dicom scan.  This allows us to place the implant in the ideal restorative B/L, M/D and vertical position to ensure a beautiful restoration. 



Picture Miyamoto

Splitting the upright

Splitting the uprights!

Coronal slice with measurements showing the space between the implant edge and the adjacent roots of #8 and #6.  Having the ability to plan with Dr. Miyomoto during an online session, we were able to quickly position the implant as well as determine which type of surgical sleeve we could utilize.  In this case, a Facilitate compatible guide was not an option due to the tight inter-dental space.





Here is another stunning image of the virtual surgery with Dr. Miyomoto.  You can see the DENSPLY Astra 3.5mm x 11 mm implant and the master sleeve in the CAD 3D model.




Implant Concierge CAD/CAM Pilot Surgical Guide in surgery.           surgical guide pic 2







Post Op x-ray showing the precision and accuracy of the 3.3mm x 11mm implant.  Not only did Dr. Miyamoto succesfully split the uprights in a challenging surgical space, but he also maximized the surface to bone ratio with the 11mm implant as it snuggles up to the base of the nasal cavity. 




How did Implant Concierge services make a difference in this case?

This patient wanted to schedule the implant surgery right away. I had a confidence that we can get a guide on time because I knew that IC has their own scanner in San Antonio and they can do overnight shipping. IC guide is simple to use and easy to order. “

Thank you Dr. Miyamoto for this great case and congratulations on a successful surgery!  To learn more about the Implant Concierge and our flat rate prices surgical guides, please visit us at or call us at 866-977-2228 to schedule a demo!

BioHorizons Announces Implant Concierge™ as an Approved Surgical Guide Manufacturer!

Implant Concierge™ CAD/CAM Surgical guides are now BioHorizons compatible!   On Aug. 25, 2014, Stuart Nicholson, Implant Product Manager, announced that Implant Concierge™ has made their approved list as a BioHorizons compatible surgical guide manufacturer.  (

Implant Concierge BioHorizons Compatible Surgical Guide

Implant Concierge BioHorizons Compatible Surgical Guide


Implant Concierge™ continues to expand their compatibility options to provide the most accurate and affordable surgical stents in the market place.  Only Implant Concierge™ offers a flat price for surgical guides at $225.  No matter how many implant sites, it is always only $225!




BioHorizons Guided Implants

BioHorizons guided surgical kit can be used to place all diameters from 3.0mm to 5.7mm of the highly successful Tapered Internal, Tapered Plus, and Tapered 3.0 implants.  The kit offers three different master sleeve sizes as well as four different lengths of drills to accommodate almost any clinical need.

What I personally like about the BioHorizons guided surgical kit is the layout, the Quick Connect Handle, and the implant mount.  The features of the guided mount that set it apart from other guided implant mounts are:

  • Hex orientation “dimple”  which allows clinician to orientate the internal hex perpendicular to the buccal aspect
  • Four diBioHorizons Guided Implant Mountfferent “Stop Position” (SP1, SP2, SP3 & SP4) which allows a single mount to accommodate multiple depth positions, thus minimizing parts, costs and confusion
  • Mount-free transfer

The cost of the BioHorizons guided surgical kit is around $4,000 putting it into a very competitive price point as compared to Straumann, Nobel Biocare, DENTSPLY and others.

BioHorizons Guided Surgical Kit

BioHorizons Guided Surgical Kit


Below is an example of the “work-flow” for a partially edentulous case when ordering a BioHorizons compatible dental implant guide through the Implant Concierge™ web site:

  1. Register or log in at and “Start Case” and then select “BioHorizons Guided Kit”
  2. Complete teeth charts, “Current Dentate Status” and “Ideal Restorative Plan”
  3. Select patient specific services that will be coordinated by the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™
  4. Follow the patient specific work flow created by the Implant Concierge™ (partially edentulous)

a.  Upload an .stl file of the arch (digital impression) or ship a PVS or accurate model

b.  Upload the CBCT (DICOM) images

c.  Finalize the treatment plan online with a 3D Case Coordinator

d.  Provide a precise, proficient and minimally invasive implant procedure

The Implant Concierge™ is a free, web-based proprietary software that enables any dentist who places implants to utilize the known advantages of guided surgery immediately without purchasing expensive software, going through time consuming weekend training courses or spending hours after or during work trying to coordinate and plan their next guided implant case.

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

The Implant Concierge™ automatically communicates through our HIPAA compliant portal with all of your implant team by synchronizing all steps seamlessly and efficiently for you.  We work hard to synchronize your case so you can keep your hands in the mouth and not on a mouse!

Implant Concierge™ is also compatible with the following implant manufacturer guided kits:

  • Straumann Guided Kit
  • Nobel Clinician Procera Active, Straight and Tapered Guided Kit
  • Zimmer Guided Kit
  • Implant Direct Guided Kit
  • Camlog Guide Surgery
  • Coming Soon:  Biomet 3i Navigator and DENTSPLY EV Guided Kit

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.

Surgical Guides – Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator Makes it Easy

Due to improved work-flows and software advancements that allow virtual diagnostic wax-ups to be created from an .stl intra-oral digital impression, CAD/CAM dental implant surgical guides are beginning to make their impact upon the dental implant community.  Implant Concierge™, a dynamic free proprietary web-based software allows dentists to order CBCT services such as Board Certified radiology interpretations, radiographic prosthesis (scanning appliance),  surgical guides and provisional restorations has recently introduced the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ to further simplify the process and allow a dentist to maximize their chair-time while reducing their managerial headaches.

The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ (VTPC) is your personal assistant for guided surgery as it consolidates a complex and time-consuming process into a single-site.  The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ is unique because it synchronizes your entire dental implant team:  dental colleagues, dental laboratory, radiology center, computer-aided design (CAD) on-line treatment planning, surgical guide ordering,  computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) of surgical stents and radiology interpretations all in ONE location and ONE invoice.

How does it work?  Based upon your patient’s dentate status, your ideal treatment plan and your treatment planning software of choice, the Implant Concierge™ patented program and work-flow provides the exact work flow and ordering options.  Once specific services are selected, it provides:

  • Efficient work-flow
  • Up-front pricing
  • Real-time case updates
  • 24/7 HIPAA compliant access to all case files
  • Communication portal between all case partners
  • $225 Flat-Priced surgical guides
  • Single Invoice

Because the Implant Concierge is a FREE web-based software, there are no downloads necessary, no software purchases, no annual fees, no maintenance fees and no expensive and time-consuming weekend courses.   Simply order the services that you need and allow your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ to synchronize your case and entire dental implant team!

My experience with Implant Concierge was incredible.  From evaluation, deDentist, Implantologistsign and fabrication, the process is easy and quick.  The guides fit without any alteration, no worries about angulation or proximity to adjacent structures, making this one of the easiest placements ever.  –  Joseph Perry, D.D.S.,  San Antonio Denture Solutions 

Implants, CBCT, surgical guides

Simplifies your surgical guide and CBCT orders and syncronizes your dental implant team.

Bret E. Royal, CEO and co-founder of Implant Concierge™ states, “The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ was designed to simplify and consolidate a complicated and fragmented dental process:  contracts favorable pricing with vetted and trained providers, discloses and guarantees costs up-front, uses industry-best 3D Case Coordinator, contracts with leading regional labs, and manufactures CAD/CAM surgical guides at a competitive price.  It enables any implantologist or surgeon to seamlessly implement the known benefits of guided implant surgery into their practice quickly and affordably.  There is nothing like it.” 

To learn more about the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™, Implant Concierge™ and the $225 flat-priced surgical guide, please visit or call (866) 977-2228 to schedule an on-line demo.

Customer Service Is Marketing

Providing exceptional customer service is just as important as providing exceptional products and services. Company’s employees are the most important marketing tools. These employees are on the front lines, adapting company’s marketing strategies to the needs of each customer they work with. Their attitude, appearance, and approach all communicate something about the company they represent.

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Guided Implant Surgery CE Opportunity

iMagDent Development & Management Services, LLC presents

Guided Implant Surgery: Improving Restorative & Surgical Outcomes

Bryan T. Harris, DMD
Co-Director of Graduate Prosthodontics
Department of Oral Health and Rehabilitation
University of Louisville School of Dentistry

This interactive lecture will address the growing and challenging needs of Cone Beam CT, virtual treatment planning and guided surgery within the scope of implant dentistry.

August 28, 2014


6:00 – 9:00pm


Mariner Dental Laboratory
16219 1/2 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77090

Learning Objectives:
• Understand various guided surgery workflows
• Grasp diagnostic and communication advantages of virtual treatment planning
• Learn how to balance surgical requirements while improving restorative predictability
• Get tools that provide step-by-step protocols and up-front costs

Cost (Includes Dinner):
$150 DDS / $75 Staff

CE Credits: 2 hours

AGD Subject Codes: 315, 697, 704

Reserve your space early by contacting Implant Concierge™

at (866) 977-2228 or

Effective Treatment Presentations

Using great case presentation techniques to clarify treatment goals and elements is critical to patients and practitioners. But first, it is important to address some misunderstandings dentists often have about presenting their best treatment recommendations. These insights and techniques can dramatically increase a clinician’s ability to more consistently convince patients to accept the treatment they need.


Learn how to grow your practice by understanding the value of your treatment plans.

Avoiding Implant Complications and Failures

Dental implants are the best replacements for missing teeth, and have one of the highest success rates of any medical and dental surgery. It is important to identify risk factors of implant failures before implant placement to ensure the patients have the best possible experience with their dental implant rehabilitation. Regular and thorough assessment of the patient’s overall health and well-being is a must. Patients expect implants to be successful, but they may not understand the important role they play in the treatment process.

Learn more about steps practitioners can take to help patients understand the benefits, risks, and importance of adherence to a implant maintenance program.

Call Implant Concierge™ at (866) 977-2228 today
to learn how to improve outcomes of your implant cases.

Growth Through Effective Communication

Marketing dollars spent to attract new patients through external marketing efforts can end up going to waste if effective marketing processes and strong verbal communication skills are not in place in your dental practice. Creating a positive customer service experience for new and existing patients within the practice is crucial in developing relationships to retain patients and maximize production over the long term.

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