CE Course November 16, 2016 Hosted by The Perio Health Implant Study Group

The Perio Health Implant Study Group is hosting a Continuing Education Course in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 6:00 pm.  Implant Concierge™ CEO Bret Royal will be lecturing about The Digital Workflow of Guided Surgery and how to incorporate it with Implant Concierge™.  This event will be sponsored by Perio Health Professionals, Sweden & Martina and our sister company, iMagDent.  We look forward to this event and seeing everyone there!



 If you have any questions about Implant Concierge™ or if you want to start your first surgical guided case, please visit our website www.implantconcierge.com or call 866-977-2228 to speak with one of our 3D Customer Service Specialists.