Implant Concierge™ Immediate Extract / Immediate Place Case Study: Camlog™ Guided Implant System with a Surgery-Ready Provisional

Dr Jaih Jackson


Implant Concierge™ surgery-ready provisional along with the CAD/CAM surgical guide was amazing! My surgery was predictable and it allowed me to extract the tooth, deliver the implant and screw-retained provisional restoration faster than I ever imagined. Implant Concierge™ service and expertise is a practice builder!   –Dr. Jaih C. Jackson DDS, PA


Patient Profile- 43 year old female with no significant medical history

Synopsis- Female patient with esthetic concerns and desiring to walk out of the office with a tooth, and not a flipper. Patient previously had ortho treatment and presented with teeth #7 and #8 but were periodontally involved and had significant bone loss. CBCT was taken and PVS impressions were sent to Implant Concierge™. CBCT analysis revealed inadequate bone volume to place implant in site #7, on the other hand, tooth #8 had a better long-term prognosis for an implant placement. Plans include a cantilever for tooth #7.




After the CBCT scan was acquired, the PVS impression was digitized and converted to a .stl file by Implant Concierge™ using a 3Shape D700 optical scanner. The digital model was registered to the CBCT DICOM creating a multi-layered file (DICOM + .stl) allowing for accurate soft tissue and hard tissue representation.  A 13mm by 3.8mm Camlog™ Screw-Line™ implant was precisely positioned in site #8 during an online virtual surgery hosted by an Implant Concierge™ 3D Case Coordinator Kathryn Correa and Dr. Jackson.


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The image below is of the digitized diagnostic model that was shipped to Implant Concierge™. The .stl file that was created was then registered to the CBCT DICOM, thus aiding in the placement of the ideal restorative position using the hard and soft tissue.


Implant Concierge™ Camlog™ Compatible CAD/CAM surgical guide and surgery-ready single unit provisional.

guide and prov

Implant Concierge™ surgical guide provided an extremely stable and easy to use surgical guide that was compatible with Dr. Jackson’s Camlog™ implant instrumentation.

guide pic

After the osteotomy was predictably and efficiently prepared, Dr. Jackson delivered the Camlog™ implant through the surgical guide.  Dr. Jackson’s Camlog Screw-Line™ implant provided a fully guided option which provides the utmost accuracy.

implant pic

Dr. Jackson then placed bone graft after implant placement into the fresh extraction socket.

bone graft

After minor adjustments to perfect the emergence profile and contacts to support the soft tissue, a Camlog™ compatible provisional restoration was delivered at the time of surgery.

pt pic

At the completion of the surgery, Dr. Jackson takes the final post OP x-ray of the implant and the provisional (The picture on the left is the implant virtually placed during Dr. Jackson’s online meeting).


Implant Concierge™ is now offering implant specific single unit provisionals! Below is a list of current implant manufacturers that Implant Concierge™ is compatible with. If you do not see your preferred implant company on this list, please contact us at 866-977-2228 for more information.

Compatible Guided Implant Systems


Implant Concierge™ would like to thank Dr. Jaih Jackson with American Family Dental in Bradenton, Florida for allowing us to share this case! Please visit his website at





*Additional charges may apply to specific implant brands due to Ti-base compatibility options.

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