ADA Dental & Medical Codes for Services Provided by Implant Concierge


After extensive research, Implant Concierge™ is excited to share Medical and Dental codes that will aide you in your efforts to obtain reimbursement for CBCT scans, radiology interpretations and even virtual surgical planning and CAD/CAM surgical guides.  Some of these ADA dental and medical codes are new, while others are new for both medical and dental.  Our goal is that by utilizing these codes, you will be able to implement Implant Concierge 3D services, thus providing a higher level of care for your patients.

More and more dental insurance carriers are recognizing that 3-D imaging is becoming the standard of care for certain dental procedures and thus, allow for reimbursement.  Did you know that the majority of Implant Concierge services actually fall under medical guidelines that are reimbursed through the patient’s medical insurance plan?  “Utilizing medical insurance instead of dental insurance for CBCT scans, radiology interpretations, 3D treatment planning and CAD/CAM surgical guides is a  wonderful opportunity to help your patient lower their out of pocket expenses while still allowing you to maximize the patient’s dental insurance for their subsequent restorative costs.  Very few dentists tap into their patient’s medical insurance and soley rely upon limited dental reimbursements.  We hope that these codes will allow you to provide more advanced dentistry for your patients while maximizing your reimbursements.”  Bret E. Royal, CEO Implant Concierge.

The following codes are listed for informational purposes, and do not guarantee member coverage or provider reimbursement:

Description ADA CDT Dental Code Medical CPT Code
Cone Beam CT for Maxilla D0382 70150
Cone Beam CT for Mandible  D0381 70110
Cone Beam CT For BOTH Arches  D0383 70486
Cone Beam CT of MandibleArch WITH Interpretation D0365 76376
Cone Beam CT of MaxillaArch WITH Interpretation D0366 76377
Cone Beam CT of BOTH Arches WITH Interpretation D0367 N/A
Reconstruction UsingExisting Data (Virtual Meeting) D0363 70486
Radiographic/surgical implant index, by report D6190 N/A
Radiologist Interpretation D9310 76140


The Implant Concierge™, a San Antonio, TX based company, is a free, web-based proprietary software that enables any dentist who places implants to utilize the known advantages of guided surgery immediately without purchasing expensive software, going through time consuming weekend training courses or spending hours after or during work trying to coordinate and plan their next guided implant case.

The Implant Concierge™ automatically communicates through our HIPAA compliant portal with all of your implant team by synchronizing all steps seamlessly and efficiently for you.  We work hard to synchronize your case so you can keep your hands in the mouth and not on a mouse!

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or call us at (866)977-2228.

Continuing Education Courses for Guided Surgery for November and December

implant direct

Guided Surgery: Core Principles & Technologies

Implant Concierge™ is excited to announce several upcoming Continuing Education courses with Implant Direct! Please see the list below for a city near you! For $50, you will receive 1.5 hours of CE and dinner! Seating is limited. RSVP quickly at or call 866-977-2228.


Course Objectives:flyer pic 2

  • Providing simplified processes and flow charts
  • Minimizing steps, materials, and costs
  • Integrating IOS/.stl files, RPD’s and existing dentures
  • Reviewing software and instrumentation options
  • When to use guided surgery? How much to charge?



November 11, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Best Western Central Hotel, 800 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

November 12, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center, 300 Gateway Dr., Bethlehem, PA  18017

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

December 17, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Riverside Dental, Dr. Michael Spencer, 1061 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

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If you do not see a course close to you, and would like to have a course created in your area, please contact us at or call us at 866-977-2228.