Dual Scan Protocol: Scanning Protocol for Fully Edentulous Patients

Implant Concierge™ has simplified the workflow for fully edentulous CAD/CAM surgical guides!  No more impressions, no shipping master casts and no need to create expensive radiographic scanning appliances!

You may be familiar with older, time consuming and expensive protocols such as creating a duplicate denture with a complex barium sulfate mix or scanning the patient with an expensive radiographic prosthesis and shipping master casts across the country.  You no longer have to waste your time and money using these outdated protocols!  Instead, allow Implant Concierge™ to fabricate a fully edentulous mucosa borne CAD/CAM surgical guide based off a fast, easy, and affordable protocol called the Dual Scan Protocol.

The Dual Scan protocol, as the name implies, requires TWO CBCT scans.  To ensure success, it is imperative that your patient has a well-fitting, hard lined denture. Utilize six – eight ø1.0mm Suremark™ radiographic stickers positioned in a staggered axial pattern, sub-gingival (in the pink) and on both the buccal and lingual side of the denture, as shown here.

ld1        ld2


These x-ray markers are easy to use, because you can simply peel and stick them directly to the denture, eliminating the need to modify the denture by drilling 1.5mm spheres into the denture nor does it require the need to duplicate the denture with a radiographic substance.  Simply use the patient’s current denture!

Time for some CBCT’ing!  FIRST, scan the patient’s denture with x-ray markers.  Be sure to orientate the denture according to the occlusion (i.e. Maxillary teeth oriented down or Mandibular teeth oriented up) and rest the denture on a foam block so it is not in direct contact with the CBCT platform.  Finally, and it goes without saying, be sure the capture the entire denture in the CBCT field of view.

The second CBCT scan will be of the patient wearing the denture with the x-ray markers.  Do not remove or adjust the x-ray markers as positioned in CBCT Scan #1!  It is highly recommended that the patient wears a 1.0mm – 2.00mm thick bite registration during the CBCT scan to ensure an intimate fit of the denture to the soft tissue and in the desired occlusion.  Finally, be sure to capture the entire arch of interest in the CBCT scan.

After both CBCT scans have been acquired, upload both DICOM data sets directly to the Implant Concierge:

  •   CBCT #1 DICOM: Denture with six – eight radiographic markers fixated
  •   CBCT #2 DICOM:  Patient wearing denture with radiographic markers and bite registration


.Mandl Denture Only Front w background on sponge (00000002)     Mand Denture in mouth Zoom 2 (00000002)

“The Dual Scan Protocol has been a game changer for dentists and imaging centers alike!  No longer are treatment plans postponed due to waiting on labs to create clear acrylic dentures only to make the barium sulfate mixture too hot or gutta percha balls too large!  Plus, there is no need to ship master casts.  The dual scan protocol is faster, far less expensive and allows us to create an extremely well-fitting and accurate surgical guide – FAST!”

  • Bret E. Royal, CEO, Implant Concierge.

While the dual scan protocol is fast, easy and affordable, it is also the most likely CBCT scan protocol to be rejected by Implant Concierge 3D Customer Service agents due to not following these simple protocols.  The rejection of CBCT scans result in wasted time for both the dentist, patient and imaging center and results in unnecessary over exposure of the patient due to a second CBCT scan appointment!

To order a box of the 1.0mm SureMark radiographic stickers ($40 for 110 stickers) from Implant Concierge™, email us at support@implantconcierge.com or call us at 866-977-2228.  We will ship you a box straight to your office so you can start utilizing the Dual Scan Protocol for your fully edentulous patients!

The Implant Concierge™ is a free, web-based proprietary software that enables any dentist who places implants to utilize the known advantages of guided surgery immediately without purchasing expensive software, going through time consuming weekend training courses or spending hours after or during work trying to coordinate and plan their next guided implant case.

For more information or to schedule a 15 minute demo, please visit www.implantconcierge.com or call (866)977-2228.



Implant Concierge Expands Surgical Guide Compatibility Options

September 2015, Implant Concierge™, of San Antonio, TX, is excited to announce that we have added three new guided surgical compatibility options.  Hiossen, MIS and Bicon Guided Surgical Kits are now compatible with Implant Concierge’s CAD/CAM surgical guides.  To see a complete list of all compatibility options, please refer to the bottom of this release.

“It is our goal to provide Implant Concierge CAD/CAM surgical guides for all implant manufacturers that have a proprietary guided kit.  If a dentist is using a guided kit that we are not compatible with, we want to know immediately so we can become compatible!  It is our desire to provide extremely accurate surgical guides at industry leading CUSTOMER SERVICE levels.  We want to make the guided surgical experience easy, efficient and affordable for ALL doctors, no matter what implant brand or guided surgical kit.  In addition, if you do not own a guided kit, we can provide customized options for you as well.”

Launched in May of 2014, after managing twelve CBCT imaging centers for over nine years, Implant Concierge is already one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM surgical guide providers.  Implant Concierge is quickly outpacing all competitors because our vision is very clear.  We are not focused on profit, selling software or up-selling services, but instead we focus on providing exactly what is necessary for each case and ensuring that the case moves swiftly to completion with extreme quality control.  Our service, people and web-site that offers the proprietary Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator that synchronizes all levels of the implant team, allows us to provide an amazing customer service experience.  “We know that if we offer a great customer service experience, we will become number one in this niche industry”, added Bret Royal.

FE with anchor pins

Implant Concierge™ is a free, web-based proprietary software that enables any dentist who places implants to utilize the known advantages of guided surgery immediately without purchasing expensive software, going through time consuming weekend training courses or spending hours after or during work trying to coordinate and plan their next guided implant case.



Implant Concierge™ automatically communicates through our HIPAA compliant portal with all of your implant team by synchronizing all steps seamlessly and efficiently for you.  We work hard to synchronize your case so you can keep your hands in the mouth and not on a mouse!

Implant Concierge™ is also compatible with the following implant manufacturer guided kits:


biohoidlksjdfalkd biomet  bicon    



implant direct


mis nobel






For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit www.implantconcierge.com or call us at (866)977-2228.

We’re pretty excited, but what do you think? What are the opportunities you see in this partnership? Let us know by tweeting us @CBCTMadeEasy and be sure to check out our facebook page!




Guided Surgery: Core Principles & Technologies

implant direct

Implant Concierge™ is excited to announce several upcoming Continuing Education courses with Implant Direct! Please see the list below for a city near you! For $50, you will receive 1.5 hours of CE and dinner! Seating is limited. RSVP quickly at m.strever@implantconcierge.com or call 866-977-2228.


Course Objectives:                                          flyer pic 2

  • Providing simplified processes and flow charts
  • Minimizing steps, materials, and costs
  • Integrating IOS/.stl files, RPD’s and existing dentures
  • Reviewing software and instrumentation options
  • When to use guided surgery? How much to charge?



September 17, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Avesta Dental Arts, 7516 Highway 70 South, Suite 190, Nashville, TN 37221

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

September 28, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: New Image Digital Dental, Steinway Fisher, 24-13 45th St. 2nd floor, Astoria NY 11103

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

September 29, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Marcotta Dental Studio, 130 Finn Ct, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

September 30, 2015: Implant Direct

Where: Nero’s Grill, 618 S Livingston Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm



If you do not see a course close to you, and would like to have a course created in your area, please contact us at m.strever@implantconcierge.com or call us at 866-977-2228.