Scheduling Tips for Your Practice

Time management can make or break any dental practice. It is important to make sure that you and your team manage your schedule and avoid letting your schedule manage you. The following article offers some tips to get your appointment book in shape and schedule smarter in order to reach your goals.

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Using Surgical Guides for Implant Placement

The 3-part article series recently published on Spear Education web site discusses different types of surgical guides that can be used for implant placement, their drawbacks and benefits and manufacturing specifics.

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Click here to read part 2 of the series.

Click here to read part 3 of the series.

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The Best Selling is Serving

How good are you at selling your services? This article provides strategies to increase case acceptance and boost production, while enhancing patient care. Learn the true meaning of selling, and how to manage this concept in an elegant, non-intimidating manner that creates value for your patients, and makes you feel great about what you have to offer.

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This article also offers an opportunity to earn 1 CE credit.

Digital Orthodontics Increase Productivity and Profitability

With recent purchases of an iTero® intra oral digital scanner, 3Shape Optical Scanner and a Stratasys Objet30 Pro 3D printer, we are now the most technologically advanced imaging center in the United States! We are taking advantage of 3-D printing revolutionizing the orthodontic process and providing digital advantages over the traditional workflow process. This animated video, featuring the Stratasys Objet30 Pro 3D printer, explains how digital workflow can increase your productivity and profitability and help your practice beat the competition with superior orthodontic results.

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How to Get 75 New Patients in 5 Months

Finding new patients for your dental practice is essential for the growth and continued success for your practice. This infographic details 10 internet strategies that can be used to attract new patients to your practice:

  1. High Converting Website
  2. Regular SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. Google Adwords PPC
  5. Retargeting
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Online Reviews
  8. Testimonials
  9. Media Buys
  10. Competitions

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Case for 3D Imaging in Orthodontics

This article discusses an orthodontic case in which 3D imaging system had proven to be an invaluable aid. Dr. John Dorsch states that CBCT has had a large impact on his practice with not only the initial diagnoses of his patients, but also their continual review and treatment.

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Prosthetic Driven Implant Placement

Implant dentistry is becoming increasingly restorative-driven. This is due in part to virtual implant planning and guided surgery that allows implant team to optimize restorative and surgical outcomes for their patients. Virtual planning delivers a restorative-driven placement while meeting surgical parameters and eliminating surgical surprises.

Learn more about importance of prosthetic driven implant placement.

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