Tips on Blog Topics

Blogging is a great way to establish the web presence of your online business. A blog can become an online window of your business, where real-time users will communicate their expectations and experiences regarding your products and services. In fact, if your web site does not have a blog that is actively updated on a regular basis, then you are missing a huge opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and increase your digital reach—your potential client base and your bottom line.

The article advises to keep content of your blog educational and client-centered by utilizing the following types of posts:

  • Tips Posts
  • Evaluation Posts
  • Explanation Posts

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CBCT and Scanning Appliances

Guided implant surgery is one of the fastest growing segments of dentistry, which relies heavily on CBCT scanning and treatment planning software. The scanning appliance is an invaluable diagnostic tool that is critical to the process and success of implant cases. The main purpose of the scan appliance is to show the ideal prosthetic positions of the teeth to be replaced in the digital plan, making implantology a truly restoratively-driven process.

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Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

A great dental website is only effective if local patients are able to find it and contact the dentist. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. With the help of SEO, your web site can appear on the first page of search engine results, generating new patients for your practice and increasing returns of your marketing efforts.

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Endodontist’s Approach to Implants

Recent advances in technology has allowed complex and invasive procedures to become more routine and predictable. In a last decade, CBCT has become an indispensible part of routine endodontic care. The article offers a unique endodontist’s perspective on implant placement and on why CBCT should become a gold standard in complex treatment decisions.

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Importance of Patient Education

Patient education plays an important role in the success of your dental practice. Patient education is necessary to help deliver the dental information patients need to avoid confusion about treatment options. It can also provide treatment justification, increase treatment acceptance, and even help to prevent oral health problems in the first place, keeping your patients happy, healthy and loyal. The article offers guidance on how to make sure your educational materials are helpful and exciting.

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TMJ Imaging Using CBCT

The article by Dale A. Miles states that CBCT is making it possible for clinicians to visualize both TMJ pathology and anatomy in high resolution, which was unachievable with all previous imaging modalities used in dentistry. CBCT imaging also allows clinicians to find more subtle osteoarthritic changes such as subchondral cysts, subchondral sclerosis, osteophyte formation, surface erosion and bony remodeling consistently and with more certainty to make their clinical decision making simpler.

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